''As a former Great British athlete looking to get back to a descent level again I seeked Dave's advice. I have a ruptured ACL, torn meniscus and the start of arthritis in my knee and couldn't run or train pain free. Dave gave me a programme of correctional exercises, a strength programme and also looked at my sprint mechanics. Due to the changes made I am now running pain free for the first time in a year and now looking to get back competing in the 400 meters. I never thought this would be possible so thank you Dave!'

///Sam Worrall - Junior GB Decathlete

'Dave is an excellent coach. My Olympic lifting and general strength has improved significantly since starting my training sessions with him. His advice, encouragement and constant professionalism sets him high above any other person I have trained with.'

///James Cooke - Novice Olympic weightlifting

'Dave Smith was highly recommended to us by semi-professional distance runners in Derbyshire, as a strength and conditioning coach, able to work with a broad range of athletes competing in different sports. My son Jamie, a 15 year old aspiring field hockey player, has worked with Dave for five months specifically to improve his sprint speed to equip him to compete at an elite level in his chosen sport. We have seen the improvement already. Dave has in fact provided so much more. As a GB athlete Dave has been able to mentor Jamie through difficult choices that confront an athlete as they look to compete at the highest level providing him with the benefit of his experience competing at the top end of the sport. He is adaptable, honest and approachable. He left us in no doubt what we needed to do to achieve; he has been prepared to get inside and understand field hockey; and at the same time that he has had the flexibility to help Jamie to work to his goals within the time Jamie has. As a parent I would highly recommend Dave as strength and conditioning coach. My son would say that Dave is so much more than an S&C coach.'

///Jamie Franklin - Regional Field Hockey

'I first met David Smith when recommend during my golf career. Since working with him during late 2012 I have learnt so much more about what is required to become a greater athlete. Even through the unusual struggles and development his support has kept me close to what I set out to achieve. Best of all the feedback is incredible and contact with his development is unrecognisably the best i have ever experienced. His work is a pleasure to learn and apply during any performance level of sport.'

///Matt Stanley - County Golf

'After being recommended, Dave Smith has been an inspiration to both me and my son. He has been a great mentor and is always available via any form of contact. Dave has spent so much time with feedback to both myself and matt, that it's been a pleasure to have worked with him.'

///Lisa Stanley - (Mum)

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