Performance Development

DS Strength & Conditioning use many training methods and techniques to develop your performance on to the next level. DS Strength & Conditioning focuses on all controlled variables of the client's performance, these are the aspects of performance that can be controlled, development, and analysed. Such disciplines are utilised by DS Strength & Conditioning to maximise these controlled variables:

- Biomechanics:

DS Strength & Conditioning uses video analysis so you can quickly optimise a technique to maximise sporting performance and reduce the risk of injury. Most skills happen at speed, accurate analysis is difficult relying solely on the naked-eye. Even if you can identify an issue, communicating your observations to others can be challenging. DS Strength & Conditioning utilises Siliconcoach's video analysis solutions to allow you to: • View and analyse skills in slow motion. • Visually communicate what is happening now and how a technique, can be modified. • Compare movement before and after a technique modification or against an exemplar technique.

- Strength & Conditioning

DS Strength & Conditioning works around a client/performance driven programme that looks at the needs of the athlete. DS Strength & Conditioning analyse the performer's strength and weaknesses through various methods, then sets specific short and long-term performance targets to develop all aspects of the client's performance. By measuring all aspects of your performance, DS Strength & Conditioning can monitor your development and provide detailed feedback in multiple forms to ensure client satisfaction, but also credible evidence that can be utilised for further planning and progress. DS Strength & Conditioning incorporate many training methods and philosophies with the programme design in order to utilise all resources. DS Strength & Conditioning when working with a client looks at the environmental and lifestyle factors that play a role in an athlete's life to maximise development.