Performance Analysis

DS Strength & Conditioning utilise sport specific key performance indicators to firstly test, monitor and develop an athlete's ability. DS Strength & Conditioning provides analysis through strength & conditioning, physiology, and biomechanics. We use such measuring equipment and protocols as:

- Biomechanics:

DS Strength & Conditioning through Siliconcoach software analyse movement and provides detailed feedback to enhance performance. Such features of the software that DS Strength & Conditioning utilise include: • Live video capture • Time, angle, distances, and speed measuring tools • Compare videos (pre/post) • Create video presentations for athlete feedback/reports All aspects of skill and technique can be analysed and evaluated to measure, not just physical development, but the technical development of all athletes and teams. By utilising such analysis techniques athletes can maximise performance through increasing their technical efficiency.

- Strength & Conditioning:

DS Strength & Conditioning designs performance strategies to move you on to the next level of competition. DS Strength & Conditioning measure and evaluate many controllable performance variables to monitor progression, such areas DS Strength & Conditioning analyse are: • Speed: acceleration, maximum velocity, speed endurance, and multidirectional movement • Strength: Maximum, reactive, speed, endurance, and other forms of strength • Power: rate of force development, peak power, mean power, and fatigue index By testing the key performance variables along with needs analysis and client assessments, this allows DS Strength & Conditioning to implement and monitor specific periodised training programmes. This gives both DS Strength & Conditioning and the client focus on long term athlete development.

- Anthropometry/Physiology:

To monitor the athlete/s changing physical abilities, DS Strength & Conditioning as part of the long-term plan to assess these changes also measure; height (cm), mass (kg), limb length (cm), joint width/girth (cm), body fat (%), and somatotyping. This allows DS Strength & Conditioning to evaluate all performance variables.