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DS Strength & Conditioning

DS Strength & Conditioning is based in Derby and the East Midlands and provides scientific support in the form of specific strength development, sports conditioning, and performance analysis through quantitative biomechanical and physiological testing.

DS Strength & Conditioning provides evidence based testing batteries and training programmes, along with elite performance experience to develop and progress the athlete/team on to the next step of the performance ladder.

How we help.

DS Strength & Conditioning provide athletes, teams, clubs, and sporting governing bodies with elite services such as strength & conditioning, and biomechanical support. The services we provide are the same that an elite international or professional athlete utilises to help them become the best they can be.

You can expect an elite service that is tailored to improve your performance whatever level you compete at. Some of the unique services and experience that you can utilise to increase your performance are

Work with us.

The main aim of DS Strength & Conditioning is to provide elite services that professional and international athletes utilise and deliver them to all developing sports performers. We enhance sporting performance through professional quantitative performance analysis. Now these services are available for all.

Through the knowledge and experience we have obtained we deliver evidence based, direct and educational interventions. Designed around data gathered through a sport specific testing battery to develop and progress the client on to the next step of the performance ladder.